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Flash Lighting Studio Flash TS Series Auto Dump for Wedding Photography and Portrait

Plug-in flash tube. Users can replace the flash tube by themselves, and very easy, save your time and money.

Product Details

Flash Lighting Studio Flash TS Series Auto Dump For Wedding Photography And Portrait

Why choose the wedding photography flash lighting TS series?

* Capacitive sensing touch screen, good user experience.

* With built-in receiver, max sync speed reach 1/320s.

* Wide power range 1/32-1/1, 0.3th precise intervals, easy to get precise power.

Features of the studio lighting auto dump:

* Power auto dump. When you turn down the output power, the flash unit will automatically adjust its output, no need to flash one more time.

* Hyman flash tube. Support 50,000+ flash times, long lifespan.

* LCD display. You can see the exact output from the LCD display.

* Plug-in flash tube. Users can replace the flash tube by themselves, and very easy, save your time and money.

* Compatible to Bowens S-type accessories. This help you use many affordable accessories.

* DC 5V low voltage to protect your trigger.

* Fast recycling time, fit for High-intensity work.

* Studio flash for wedding photography

Control Panel of the studio portrait lighting:


Intelligent Control Panel

Very easy to control, and the flat control panel is very beautiful in exterior.

Full functional control buttons. Power switch, test button, buzz switch, sensor switch, and modeling light switch, you can control every function from here.

Specifications of the Studio flash touch panel studio flash TS series

Item No.












Recycling time






Power variation

6 f-stop adjustment, 0.3th precise intervals

Inner fan


Modeling bulb

150W, 8 stops adjustment

Sensor switch


Sensor distance



Yes/LED display

Color temperature


Sync voltage


Triggering way

Sync cable. Test button. Remote control (sync jack Φ3.50)

Thermal protection

After about continuously 300 shoots, thermal protection will be on auto and buzz.


50x40x59cm 16.75kg, 6pcs/carton

50x44x59cm, 6pcs/carton

Deliver and shipping of the Studio portrait lighting TS series

We offer air shipping or sea shipping for you, depending on your requirement.


Our services of Studio flash lighting TS series

* Capacitive sensitive touch screen, good user experience.

* Adequate power design, no cut down on materials.

* All stage of production.

* Fit for commercial photography.

* Strong manufacturer ability.

* OEM order is welcome.

* 12 month after sales warranty.


1.Q: Do the studio flash TS series support High speed sync?

  A: Yes, you need a set of trigger which support high speed sync. Connect the receiver to the flash unit with the 3.50mm sync socket, and the transmitter to the camera. Don’t forget to turn on the HSS in Canon or Auto FP in Nikon camera.

2.Q: Do the studio flash TS series come with transmitter?

  A: The standard package exclude the transmitter. You can ask for the transmitter when you place us an order.

3.Q: What do the studio flash TS series bring to me?

  A: They bring to you these benefit:

(1). All metal shell and stand holder, very firm for long lifespan.

(2). Even light spread, making even light on the shooting object, and stable output.

(3). Adequate power, no cut down on materials.

(4). Developed by mature technology, support hard work.

4.Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

  A: We accept T/T, Western union and Paypal. The T/T is recommended.

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