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Where Is The Difference Between P And Automatic?

New to DSLR's friends will be surprised to find that the camera's mode dial, in addition to automatic exposure outside of p, there is an automatic block, which features what's the difference?

Actually p document is in TV and AV this two species semi-automatic exposure mode zhihou appeared of automatic exposure mode, p and Green District automatic of difference on is p document zhixia you can free of set aperture, ISO, metering mode, burst mode, focus and so on, and Green District automatic is will all of control right are handed has camera, user a option also cannot regulation, is real of fool automatic mode, as other of scene mode, like movement, night like of is is Green District automatic of variants, Is already set the exposure mode, for example in portrait mode the camera setting exposure parameters will favour large aperture, while sport models will be biased high speed shutter, landscape mode, and macro mode would tend to use a small aperture and so on.

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