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What Is Optical Image Stabilization?

Anti-shake technology in in recent years began from high-end lens to low-end lens universal, except need improve ISO sacrifice to achieved of electronic anti-shake and sacrifice effective pixel to achieved of digital anti-shake zhiwai, real has meaning of optical anti-shake technology main into two big class, a is to Canon IS (hift-type Optical Image Stabilizer technology, referred to IS) for representative of mirror body anti-shake technology, another a is to beauty can up AS (Anti Shake) as the representative of the body image stabilization technology, which is better or worse has been the majority of fans debated the topic of menstruation, let us say from both works.

IS system is Canon's first, other manufacturers have similar technologies, such as Nikon's VR, Tamron's VC (Vibration Com-pensation), Sigma OS (Optical Stabilizer), Panasonic's Mega OIS (Mega Optical Image Stabilizer), principle of mirror stabilized system is equipped with accelerometer within the lens, Perceive the motion of the lens moves the lens after a piece or lens to compensate for camera movement caused by the displacement of the image.

Body anti-shake anti-shake mechanism and microscope, but perceived state of motion of the fuselage from the acceleration sensor model has been used to move the image sensor to compensate for displacement, this technology was first developed by Minolta, developed to Samsung's OPS (Optical Picture Stabili-zer), Sony's SSS (Super Steady Shot), Pentax (SR,Shake Reduction), Best is the Olympus IS (Image stabiliser).

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