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The Significance Of Setting The Background Light

Background the main role is to heighten the subject or rendering the atmosphere, therefore, at the time of processing of the background light, should not only pay attention to contrast, but also harmonious.

When you shoot small objects, often because of subject and background are in close proximity, it is difficult to separate the background lighting, primary light doubles as a background light. In the subject and the background is brighter than the specific control, by selecting the appropriate distance, azimuth and range to control the lights, or use a variety of translucent diffuser or opaque shade light blocking the proper positions on the axis with the background to get the appropriate brightness.

When the subject more, and when there is enough distance between subject and background, background can be a separate light. Background lights generally does not interfere with the main light, and easy to control the backlight, brightness and uniformity of coverage. In specific of cloth light process in the, special to note subject and background lightness similar of local whether will appeared "and" of phenomenon, or requirements brightness uniform of big area background whether its central and four week of as degrees does uniform consistent, on this two species situation, do don't too believes himself of Visual, best can with metering table for seriously of detection, because people eye on brightness of tiny changes often not sensitive, and film is will faithful to give records. In addition, regular shoot-profile or low profile photo background light light should be understood, their background is not as we imagine the brighter the better, or the darker the better. Background brightness too strong, the diffuse light of not only is easy to make the lens glare, but also affects the subject of light efficiency. Take a low profile photo background too dark when there's no need. In General, take a high profile photo background brightness control is lighter than the subject most high EV value is more appropriate, and the low profile picture the background brightness control in an EV value lower than the subject most dark.

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