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The Principle Of The Use Of Studio Flash

A brief introduction to the Studio Flash. Here to talk about how to use. The use of the Studio Flash I follow a principle that is when I only use a lamp, then the Studio Flash as much as possible to use as a supplemental light source. The main light must be ambient light. This Studio Flash is called filling the Studio Flash. The principle of filling the Studio Flash is to measure the ambient light first. Such as live light iso1600 f2.8 1/60. This is a common indoor shooting environment. On this basis I do not make exposure changes. But I use an external Studio Flash on this basis for a 1-step TTL Studio Flash. Basically is filled with Studio Flash. Stall is my personal habit. Let the Studio Flash mark as much as possible to reduce some. Fill the principle of Studio Flash is to take into account the scene of light. The Studio Flash is just to make a slight fill of the dark. The maximum light to keep the scene light, so that the Studio Flash into the scene light, no trace of the Studio Flash. Maybe someone wants to ask what the benefits are. Fill the Studio Flash to make your body more balanced. Will not produce too thick shadows. In the latter part of the adjustment, the dark noise will not be difficult to remove. When shooting portraits, fill the Studio Flash with the use, can increase the eyes of light, correct color. Therefore, filling the Studio Flash is very important to improve the quality. And will not destroy the atmosphere of the scene light.

Here to see you two photos. One is my shot, use the fill Studio Flash. The other is taken together by another photographer. Live light is exactly the same. Moments are also similar. Angle is also similar. Equipment is almost the same. But the results are completely unnecessary.

Both photos are used for Studio Flash. Basically are the original map, not too much adjustment. Exposure parameters If I convert them, you can see that the exposure of the first photo is less than 3 photos of the second picture. That is the first photo Studio Flash into the main light. The photo is almost entirely dependent on the Studio Flash to illuminate. The results we have seen, the first photo shadows very heavy, direct Studio Flash of light to the characters of the chin and behind to show a very ugly shadow. While the second photo, using the method of filling the Studio Flash, only a little bit of light to make up the light light. People exposure evenly, but also increase the eyes of light, and because the Studio Flash is diving, the overall Studio Flash marks almost no. Only a little Studio Flash in the door frame traces, the latter can be very easy to remove.

The key to filling the Studio Flash is to first measure the live light, on the basis of doing the Studio Flash adjustment. It should be noted that, in the Nikon body, Nikon outside the Studio Flash will not change the A subglottic environment metering parameters. In the Canon fuselage, when you increase the external Studio Flash, the environmental exposure parameters will be reduced by a file. This is the two manufacturers on the Studio Flash after the exposure of the measurement method caused by different ways. I personally prefer Nikon's metering mode, that is, do not change the exposure. So after changing from Nikon to Canon, I use the Studio Flash when the time, usually the exposure compensation +1 file. There are Canon cameras and Studio Flash students can try your camera is not the case.

Finished filling the Studio Flash in terms of saying that the balance of Studio Flash. Balancing the Studio Flash is the level at which the Studio Flash will illuminate the subject to reach the background light. This method applies to the case where the subject is in shadows and / or the background is very bright.

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