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The Photographer Teaches The Studio Flash Calendering Tutorial

The photographer teaches the Studio Flash calendering tutorial

Whether photographers or photographers, the easiest way to take a portrait is to use the sun as a light during the daytime weather. But if you want 100% to master their own light, the use of Studio Flash is the best way, the Studio Flash is not only used at night, there are light during the day can also be used. Today we come to explain what is the flash calendering.

1. Adjust to the highest sync shutter

Shooting lighting works, the background and the main body of the lighting is to be dealt with separately. As the background of the lighting is the sun, so we must use the camera's aperture and shutter to control. We want the background to slightly less than half level to one level, you can use the shutter preemptive mode, first ISO brightness to the lowest (such as ISO 100), the shutter speed to the maximum speed of flashing lights (such as 1 / 200s), then Adjust the exposure compensation to -0.5 to -1EV. Experienced users can use the manual exposure mode directly.

SLR or no anti-users will then find that, due to the sun violent, shutter speed and limited to the maximum Studio Flash sync speed, can not use such as 1 / 500s, 1 / 1000s high-speed shutter, the camera will be reduced to the aperture F / 13 or even smaller, for the use of flash and depth of field are caused by certain restrictions. Instead of using the inter-mirror shutter semi-professional DC, there is no flash to synchronize the shutter limit, easy to use the output of the smaller flash.

Some high-profile SLRs can provide high-speed flash sync shutter (such as 1 / 250s), while others can use the lens shutter in the film system, but also provides up to 1/1600 second sync speed, Daytime use flash lights can use a larger aperture shooting.

2. Use a high output flash

Background brightness by the aperture, shutter control, the main body of the lighting by the flash is responsible. As the aperture received very small, greatly reducing the ability to absorb flash light, even if the flash to full power output, may still be underexposed. So the use of high output Studio Flash (such as GN50 above) is very important, and the other flash with the main body of the distance can be as close as possible, while reducing the flash with soft light equipment such as soft box, soft umbrella, etc. to reduce Flashlight loss of light.

3. Use the high-speed sync Studio Flash function

We all know that the use of large aperture shooting can produce shallow depth of field effect. However, in case of calendering, the camera's aperture will be very small, the background and prospects of the photo will be very clear. If the Studio Flash is equipped with high-speed sync mode, you may wish to use this function, so you can use the faster shutter, and a larger aperture, shoot shallow depth of field effect. However, the use of high-speed synchronous mode will reduce the output of flashing a lot of lights (details do not redundant), so even if you can use a larger aperture, it will not increase the flashing light exposure distance, so do not put the Studio Flash The subject is too far away.

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