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The Important Parameters Of The Studio Flash

1, Studio Flash light angle:

Indicates the breadth of the beam coverage of the Studio Flash. This is somewhat similar to the perspective of the lens, but also with the number of millimeters to represent the focal length. In some of the high-grade Studio Flash with a zoom lamp head, according to the focal length of the lens changes with the change, to achieve accurate and effective Studio Flash exposure. The same time as the above-

2, Studio Flash index:

The Studio Flash index indicates the luminous intensity set by the Studio Flash manufacturer for each Studio Flash, usually based on ISO 100. The Studio Flash index is usually expressed in GN, the abbreviation for Guild No.. The representation is based on the unit used in meters or feet and divided into two, GN calculation can be "GN = aperture F value * shooting distance" formula to calculate. General 135 SLR camera built-in Studio Flash index is about 12 (metric), if the aperture F4 to shoot, that is effective Studio Flash distance of 12 ÷ 4 = 3 meters. The same time as the above-

3, red-eye reduction function

In dark situations when shooting with the Studio Flash, or when the Studio Flash is too close to the human eye, the beam will be reflected through the blood vessels of the fundus, leaving a nasty red pupil on the screen. In order to avoid this phenomenon, most of the Studio Flash with a red-eye function, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of red-eye. The same time as the above-

4, Studio Flash back to the time

Electronic Studio Flash After each Studio Flash, to the capacitor to complete the charge, ready for the next Studio Flash, the required time is called "Studio Flash call back time." Depending on the grade and type of the Studio Flash, the return time is also different, roughly in the range of 0.2 to 10 seconds. For us, the time is as short as possible, especially in the important occasion to capture the time. Different types of batteries affect the callback time, in general, nickel-cadmium batteries than alkaline battery back to the time faster, external battery pack faster than the No. 5 battery pack. Of course, the prerequisite for selecting a battery type is sure to meet the requirements specified in the instructions.

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