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The General Rule Of Studio Lighting

Determine the main light

Main light led light source, it determines the tone of the picture. In the light, only light, it makes sense to add a secondary light, backlight and RIM light. In determining the primary process, depending on the subject of modeling features, texture, brightness distribution and subject and background separation system taking into account the main light source light, intensity and coverage, as well as the distance to the subject.

For most of the film theme, generally choose a soft light lamps, reflective umbrella, soft lights and fog lamps as the main light. Less reflection of floodlights and spotlights as a main light, unless the picture needs brought about by their contrast effect.

Key light is usually higher than the subject, because, make people feel most comfortable and natural lighting is usually light to simulate natural light effect. Light is too low, will make the subject against the norm of light at the end of, and the light is too high and will form the top light, making the subject contrast with the top of the side is too large.

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