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The 19th Shanghai P&I Exhibition Has Closed Successfully

At July 16, 2017, the 19th Shanghai P&I Exhibiton had successfully closed.


In this exhibiton, NiceFoto brought many  kinds of wireless studio flash. These wireless studio flash are  specially designed based on photogrpahers' requirement, so they are very  popular by professional photographers. In the scene there are 6 kinds  of products for show and for test. NiceFoto has been imitated, never been exceeded.


Between  the 4 days of exhibition, though it is very hot outside, NiceFoto booth  was very crowed. NiceFoto invited 4 famous dancer to dance. Accompanied  by beautiful music, they started to dance. Their beautiful dancing  attracted a large number of photographers to shoot. With the NiceFoto  wireless studio flash, it is very easy to capture their every movement.

Of course, NiceFoto new and old customers come to talk about deep cooperation too.

4 days are too short for communications. Let us wait for the next exhibition in 2018.


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