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Studio Flash Shooting Skills Of Hot Boots

The Studio Flash is very important for photography accessories. But many people do not pay attention. Indeed, often shoot the basic scenery less than the Studio Flash. But the use of the Studio Flash is still very important. There is a saying that is good. Novice playing the lens, the master play the light. There are many types of Studio Flash. Not an article can speak in detail. I did not have that ability. This is still based on practice. Just talk about a Studio Flash. That is with the 135 camera to use the external hot shoe Studio Flash.

Talk about hot shoe Studio Flash. Talk about hot boots first.

 Hot shoe has a single contact, double contact, or multiple contacts. The contact is different from the natural function, the more contacts, the more features, such as TTL Studio Flash, must have a special contact to the induction, the least contact is a, only Studio Flash function, Studio Flash output completely Need to control their own .TTL THROUGH THE LENS is the abbreviation, meaning through the lens, that is, through the lens metering, the main difference between the side of the camera, the TTL metering more accurate, is the current dominant way. And each manufacturer's TTL is different, later to explain to you.

Hot shoe Studio Flash is also divided into many kinds. I first used only a single contact Yin Yan. Even the output intensity can not be adjusted, only one file output. Later used Yongnuo manual lights, you can adjust the output strength, but no TTL. Later used Nissin 622TTL Studio Flash. But exposure is often inaccurate. After a roundabout. Finally into the first light of the original Studio Flash Nikon sb600. Wow ... the whole world is quiet. Lamp automatic zoom, iso automatic change, exposure compensation body adjustment, TTL Studio Flash accurate, high-speed synchronous Studio Flash, wireless off the machine Studio Flash. All the features are available. A sb600 let me understand why the original Studio Flash so expensive Of course, it was years ago. At that time the domestic lights have not particularly good. Now many domestic lights already have all of the above functions. The price is much cheaper. But because I use a large amount of each year, so the domestic lights have not been selected. So we do not let me recommend domestic light. I only recommend the original Studio Flash. Even low-end models.

Here to give you a detailed talk ttl. simply say. Ttl Studio Flash Studio Flash process is 2 Studio Flash process. For the first time, the Studio Flash pre-Studio Flash, pre-Studio Flash light to the subject, reflected back into the camera. The camera's photographic element is calculated according to the backlash of the light through the complex calculation, the output of a command to the Studio Flash, the Studio Flash adjusts its output intensity at Studio Flash once. This time is the real exposure. As the interval between the two Studio Flash is very short, so most people do not feel 2 times the Studio Flash. But there are many people are very sensitive to light, in the first Studio Flash will not consciously close your eyes. Causing the photo to be taken away. How to get such a synchronized object of God - the Studio Flash to the manual on it. As the TTL Studio Flash Studio Flash intensity is calculated by the camera itself, each camera manufacturers have a set of their own calculation method, which is the factory's unique Cheats, is also the original Studio Flash prices for many years the reasons for high prices. These years, such as domestic manufacturers and other manufacturers through reverse design to break the Nikon Canon lamp manufacturers ttl algorithm. Making the domestic lights also have a ttl function and wireless Studio Flash function. Indeed for many people trying to external Studio Flash photography is a great help. But I have not used the domestic ttl light, so the accuracy of domestic ttl do not comment. But the domestic light is cheap. Willing to try to try.

Manual Studio Flash is relatively simple, the photographer manually adjust the output intensity of the external Studio Flash. The unit is usually a file. 1/1 is all-optical output. Learning photography must have "file" feeling. Aperture adjustment, iso adjustment, the Studio Flash is adjusted to the file as a unit.

In addition to the above two there is a A file Studio Flash. That is, there is a metering device on the Studio Flash, according to the external light automatically adjusts the Studio Flash output. Because there is no TTL accurate, and now basically no one so used.

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