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Studio Flash Several Strong Fill Light Principle And Actual Combat

The cover picture is a backlit scene where the shed above the ruins has a long gap and the sun shines directly from the gap. We have to outline the sun to the hair with the edge of the line. Metering when using A aperture priority mode, and then reduce the EV to -1.3EV, we want to know even if not reduced EV, the characters will be dark when the face is dark, and now reduce the EV, so that the scene can be darker , Then the model's face at least 2.5V above!

Here I use the AD180, plus octagonal soft mask, Studio Flash to the left, about 1/2 of the output, to close the characters to face the distance. This is the result of the cover picture!

If you do not Studio Flash, the camera settings so that the face exposure is normal, the background is bound to a dead area exposed. So, of course, this is also the case of calendering, God cattle AD180 GN value of about 60, plus the light mask although the damage, but I was close to the light! So, Studio Flash at this time as the main light of the characters lighting, without it, the character's face is a dark!

Here to understand that the techniques of calendering everywhere, in the day when the light, with or without shelter, are the same.

The application of the surface, to backlight, side backlight, the side of the light is better, the side of the light will be more saturated scene effect.

Several principles of calendering

As we have seen in this book, the "calendering" approach is very fundamental shooting effort. Calendering is a very popular, some beginners will always emphasize the pressure light and fill light is a very different thing, in fact, calendering is covered in the entire system and methods of light, it is called "strong fill light" , The practice is not difficult.

Studio Flash to use the good, the amount of effort to work, Studio Flash point of view there is light quality, is the control to focus on the place. In the technique of calendering, the first thing to remember is:

Let the camera tube scene, Studio Flash tube body: the scene metering, rather than the subject metering. The main body of the light to make up, it is to Studio Flash to carry out.

Let the scene underexposed, the color will be more saturated: after the scene metering, and then by 0.5 to 1.5 EV compensation.

Try not to find "Shunguang dark back" scene. In the Shunguang dark back, that really do not need what calendering skills, but should pay attention to the subject not to expose the problem, usually a small fill light balance can be a smooth.

Calm the little details

In addition, "calendering" with the general fill light similar, there are some small details to note:

In case of strong is strong, weak is weak: the scene of the ambient light is weak, you can consider the use of relatively weak flash output, on the contrary, the scene of the ambient light is strong, it is necessary to use a relatively strong flash output.

Side lighting is even better than the front: from the side of the main body lighting, but also from the front but also three-dimensional. In principle, let the light with the lens between an angle (45 degrees or more), the light will be three-dimensional. When the light is parallel to the lens (top flash), the light will be flattened.

Make good use of the Studio Flash M mode: Do not be afraid of M mode, digital camera field, wrong can continue to try again.

Light angle of rationalization: Studio Flash If the main light source, the flash will be imagined as the sun, try not to go from the bottom up, but to play from the top down

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