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Soft/reflective Umbrella

Most immediate advantage is that portable and mobile use. While you are out shooting you can take several umbrellas will not be inconvenient. Umbrella mounted in front of the Flash, you can make Flash a light, beautiful soft light. Outdoor umbrella with camera bag, hold the lamp foot.

Comparing umbrellas and softboxes, downside is light on overflow. When used indoors, umbrella light strewn throughout the rooms, not conducive to control background shading.

Two kinds of umbrella. One is placed in front of the lamp's soft light umbrella, white translucent material, light will arrive through the umbrella subject, soft light. Soft umbrella handle points to the subject in opposite directions, not due to accidental damage.

Another is a reflective umbrella, after umbrella reflector, the light according to the subject. This kind of umbrella handle points to the subject called reflective light umbrella, so don't put it too close to. But the subject closer, more light soft, because the relative size of the light even more.

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