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Professional Lighting Engineers Must Master The Psychology Of Color

Stage lighting design is definitely not that can drive a lighting console, or meet even if the switch is lighting technicians. It contains a lot of knowledge in it, a good lighting Division is not only a technical staff, more importantly he is an artist.

To become a stage lighting engineers, or from many aspects, first of all lighting equipment must be able to master (common sense) to learn general knowledge of optics, light and color, color temperature, spectral, incident, reflection, scattering, stacked, attenuation and other fundamentals are mastered (optical sense). The characteristics of the equipment used to clear (operations). Meanwhile, understanding color will have a direct effect is also important, that directly affect the lighting Division in stage lighting Division's professionalism.

The direct effect of color from color physical light stimulation of direct influence on human physiology. Many experiments have been done about this, the mind. They found, in a green environment, person's pulse accelerated, increased blood pressure, emotional excitement impulses. In a blue environment, pulse will slow emotions became much more quiet. Some scientists have found that colours can affect brain waves and brain wave response to red is wary reaction to blue is relaxed. Since the mid-19th century in the future, the idea has been transferred from the philosophy of science, psychology focused on experimental validation of color effects. Color theory is made special presentations, these experiences we have explicitly confirmed the effect of color on human mind.

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