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Portrait Photography Lighting Method

Select light

Different regions and for different time periods, textures and color temperature of the light is different. Traditional Studio lights in the room you should choose some output stability, light quality, and accurate brand color. Made in Flash, Naisbitt, U2, shoot friend such as common lighting feels very good, light quality is very good, skin texture of the characters reflect the good.

Several common lighting methods:

1, Matt

This is the most common traditional image of light, normally a 5-6 lamp, lights., auxiliary lamps, floor lamps, Ceiling lamps, light one and two. Then to be shooting people look for test standards so that all test lamps achieve the same value, this kind of lighting image light soft, uniform exposure, image aesthetic.

Function: get rid of bags under the eyes, the Elimination of nasal Groove shadow image aesthetic.

2. Delta light

Main light located people above 45 degrees down to play, with the camera at eye, and the rest auxiliary light sources, light control than to be slightly weaker than the main light. A triangle appears on each side of the nose to the cheek area, can make the nose straight.

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