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On The Studio Flash In The End The Eyes Of The Baby Whether The Injury Problem

Many parents want to take pictures of the parents will have concerns, worried about the brightness of the indoor Studio Flash will cause great harm to the child's vision, in fact, there is no such a necessary, the following talk about their views on the indoor photography, hoping to understand this The friend of the problem is helpful.

At present, domestic parents are most concerned about the use of Studio Flash photography environment, this one, and in foreign children's photography which, rarely heard that parents care about this type of topic, in fact, this type of topic, entirely due to domestic children's photography vicious competition Illusion, led to a lot of parents to understand the error, but also to make more use of flashing photographers never stop to explain to their parents, such a problem, Chinese medical experts did not confirm this issue. In other words, that flashing light on the eyes of children is completely unfounded by the laughter nothing more.

We first come to understand the nature of the Studio Flash during the shooting process. Flash is the hernia arc lamp, the spectrum and highlights and daytime quite, the brightness of the flash is not high, people think the flash is too bright because the use of the surrounding environment is too dark, light and dark contrast caused this illusion.

In some professional literature also reported that the amount of light Studio Flash is actually very small. But also in the daily use of the Studio Flash when the flash is only "click", the exposure time is very short, stay time, but 1/500 seconds, than the eyes of people watching the sun with the eyes are even shorter.

To correct a misunderstanding, ninety-nine percent of parents think that the Studio Flash is the camera flash, it is not true, in a professional studio or studio, the Studio Flash is done by an independent photographic light, under normal circumstances professional children Photography, the camera will have a flash device, the light source below the link has a receiver, the photographer press the shutter moment, the camera issued a command, the flash device to get the command to launch the wireless signal, the receiver received the signal , Transmission to the photographic light, light to complete the flash.

Photographic light Compared to the traditional top-mounted lights (digital camera or mobile phone comes with the Studio Flash), the Studio Flash intensity is much higher, but compared to the sun is much lower.

We go back to the baby itself, this light on the vision has not developed a baby have an impact? Let's take a look at the brick home.

Japan University of Tokyo Department of Surgery Dr. Lu Luojin before the microblog said: "The camera Studio Flash light and outdoor light intensity similar to the scattering is not focused, the time is very short, simply can not cause damage to the child's eyes. In fact, ophthalmologists commonly used Strong flash to the baby camera to check the eyes, called photoscreening, see the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

He also explained that the Merrill Lynch said that children usually have more protection from a Studio Flash than adults, because children rarely stare at the camera, and because the newborn pupil is small and enters the light of the eye Less than adults, so the flash will not hurt the child's eyes. In addition, Lu Luoguo reminded to say that the light injury baby's eyes, direct sunlight should be avoided.

There is a saying is right, "scattering does not focus," the laser is that it is focused on it, all the high-intensity light are gathered to a point in order to cause damage or damage to the object, while the light is scattered, low strength In the sun, say, baby control little interest, so they rarely as adults staring at the camera and Studio Flash. So the impact of light on the baby's eyes are purely hearsay.

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