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NiceFoto N Flash 280A In Dancing Room

For a dance photographer, since he need to shoot various dancing activities and portraits, they usually need to use portable flash. Dance shooting is a little different from the normal portrait. For the persons always moves, photographers need to move frequently to find the best position. For the light isn’t bright enough in the room, portable flash is needed, and continuous shooting is always essential.

So we can say that the dance photography is more difficult than the normal portrait. It requires professional photographers, fast recycle and bright enough portable flash. However, the common speedlite, no matter the Canon ultimate 600EX-RT, or the Nikon SB-910, though they are light enough, but power isn’t enough. For the studio flash, though the power is big enough and fast recycle time, but hard to move easily.

Now there is a portable flash which fit for the harsh requirement. It is the NiceFoto n flash 280A. It is light enough, only 1.4kg, even no assistants we can one hand hold the light, and the other hand hold the camera to shoot, good for moving. It has built-in 2.4G triggering system, and the operating distance is as fast as 100m. Though there isn’t TTL flash, for professional photographers, they like the manual flash more.

Let us sum the n flash 280A use experience.


1.Good light quality, precise color temperature, and high output consistency.

2.Fast recycle time, which satisfy the fast shooting requirement, no leaks, offers you more confidence.

3.Stylish exterior, and good quality accessories.

4.Built-in Li-ion battery, move easily, and light weight.

5.Affordable price, price is about half of a Canon 600EX.

At last, let me show some pictures of the dance photography.

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