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LED Video Light Easy To Operate, Reliable Performance

First, LED video light overview

LED video light is a design for the contours of the building design of high-tech products, a number of contour lights cascade can be composed of buildings and bridges and other contours of the building or lamp screen, so that the contours of its buildings up. LED lamp screen display area is large, clear display, LED lamp screen for distance viewing.

LED video light colorful, bright and charming. Using three primary colors (R, G, B) composition, can display more than 60,000 colors, play Symphony and video effects can be achieved.

LED video light control unique: DMX512 improved version of SDMX512 control mode control, to break the DMX512 control mode control points of the shortcomings, to overcome the lack of RS-485 communication, is a specially designed for LED video light control system.

Fourth, LED video light main parts Description:

1, specifications: W30mm × 1000mm (can be customized)

2, LED (light-emitting diode)

The use of imported display-level LED light-emitting diode chip

The use of automatic solid crystal, wire, sealant equipment production, so that in the production process of LED chip damage to the minimum, to ensure that the electrical performance of LED does not change, so that LED can achieve more

High stability and longer service life

The longest life of up to 100,000 hours

High brightness and good consistency, wavelength (color) consistency is good

Through the LED color separation machine rigorous sorting and electrical testing to ensure that each product is used on the LED are high quality qualified products

3, drive device (IC)

Texas high power drive device

Philips data communication devices

Philips regulator device

4, PCB (printed circuit board)

Full glass fiber double sided copper platinum gold plated sheet

Low water absorption, excellent moisture resistance

With good flexibility, not easy to break, high and low temperature is not easy to deformation and so on

5, PC tube shell (transparent or milky white, inner grain):

Japan's Mitsubishi original PC die, weathering performance

High light transmission, anti-UV (UV), impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance is much better than domestic products

Wall thickness greater than 1.8mm, to ensure the impact strength

Professional design of a mold production, set aside aluminum base card slot, can be closely integrated with the base to form a one-piece appearance. Size accurate, narrow tolerances, to meet with other components of the organic, and thus

To achieve excellent waterproof performance

6, aluminum base

The use of high-quality aluminum, surface lighting treatment, the appearance of smooth and smooth

The structural design consists of a combination slot with a PC tube, an integrated switching power supply preparation slot, a wall mounting clip

Installation and maintenance of construction is simple, safe and reliable

7, special gold-plated data waterproof connector

As the data signal on the high water requirements so waterproof design of the connector is also quite particular about

Well-designed spiral lock waterproof structure, easy to operate, reliable performance

Couplings Waterproof gaskets are made of high elastic weathering silicone, with long lasting elasticity, anti-aging and so on

Metal plug terminal with high quality copper parts and do surface gold plating, strong antioxidant capacity, and to ensure a solid contact and excellent electrical conductivity

Waterproof joints to join the special antioxidants, once again improve the moisture and water resistance

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