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LED Lamps And How To Maintain? Correct Use?

Current lighting LED lamps have basic coverage, environmental protection, energy saving, no Flash frequency is the biggest advantage of LED lighting, but as lighting, plus some wrong action for a long time, don't focus on maintenance will also be damaged. Life as long as we pay more attention to the maintenance problem of lamps to be able to play its best, extend the life of it.

1, when we buy back to the lamp, be sure to carefully read the installation instructions, and then follow the instructions to install the lights, incorrect installation, there are potentially dangerous.

2, try not to use lamps frequently switch, LED light resistance on the number is about 18 times normal fluorescent lamps, but too often will affect the internal electronic components LED lamp life, which affect the lamp life.

3, in cleaning and maintenance do not alter the structure of lamps, do not arbitrarily change lamp parts, maintenance, lighting should be as is packed, don't missing or wrong loaded lamp parts.

4, the best LED lamps do not wash, usually a dry cloth wet wipe, if you accidentally try to wipe the water, prohibited cleans with a damp cloth immediately after the lights.

5, special attention is, apart from the special LED lamps, General LED lighting should avoid the use in wet environments, humid environment will affect the LED lamp driver power electronic components, electronic components, moisture, shorten lamp life.

Therefore, the moisture is one of the key elements of lighting maintenance, especially bathroom, the LED lights in the bathroom and the kitchen stove lights, to install a moisture-proof lamp shade, to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.

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