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Could Flash Unit Be Replaced In Portrait?

With the digital camera quality level rising, and post-processing space increases, the latter part of the software performance is increasingly strong. "Portrait shooting no longer need flash unit, doing RAW format photos is good enough" This statement can be said on the network Absolutely. Then digital photography is not more and more simple, the threshold is getting lower and lower?

And then a strong digital late can not replace the portrait and wedding photography on the use of the flash. Because  the flash is not just a simple lighting, a lot of live shooting skills is the need for flash with the ability to complete. For  example, adjust the environment and the reasonable exposure between the characters, to create a photographer of the effective light than the use of flash to create a special environment and so on. So, outside the shooting flash on the portrait and the camera as important, and then a strong digital late can not be replaced.

Sometimes we nat use speedlites, but it can not replace the outdoor flash. Because  the speedlites' guide number and flash area couldn't meet the shooting requirement in the shooting process, and speedlite is not flexible enough to meet the outdoor  flash with the various requirements. From the shooting of the handling and professional speaking, only the professional outdoor flash could meet the shooting conditions of the image.

For outdoor  portraits, the shooting environment and light often appear sudden situation, such as the arrival of the shooting site after the light is relatively lack of level. And high-power outside the lights can effectively solve this problem, even if the shooting  scene is not ideal light, but also will not affect the light to  illuminate the model face. The NiceFoto TTL wireless studio flash is very powerful, TTL flash, High speed sync flash, FP high speed flash, and radio remote control etc. functions are a good partners of photographers.

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