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BYD Photography Association Visited NiceFoto Company

BYD is a Chinese famous Auto producer. They mainly produce electric auto for protecting the environment. On Sep. 16, their subordinate photography association came to visited NiceFoto company for advanced communication. NiceFoto general manager Mr. Que and Manager Mr. Wang warmly received them.

NiceFoto neat and clean showroom, various products line, which make them very happy and impressive.

As the main products of NiceFoto, the wireless studio flash have aroused their interest. Under the NiceFoto staffs' help, they tested some of them, and absolutely they like them very much, and gave them the highest appreciation.

BYD photography association members watched the development of NiceFoto, and discussed the flash lighting in photography with famous photographer Yizhiyu and Yingshanhong. They shoot a group of classic portraits together finally.

According to the communication and corporation, we both got much reward. We were looking for the next communication.

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