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Projection Wireless Flash Trigger Production Method

We provide a studio wireless flash trigger, especially with remote control trigger studio flash device.

In the past, there are two ways to trigger the studio flash: one is to install the flash on the camera through the light control trigger; the second is directly triggered by synchronous line. The use of light-controlled trigger mode, easy to use, but the need to purchase flash, the use of a large number of batteries to consume, when the indoor light is also bright when the trigger sensitivity will be reduced, resulting in shooting failure; direct connection with direct trigger mode, And because the studio flash trigger voltage is high, the trigger electrode is easy to produce sparks, the camera will be synchronized flash contact caused by ablation and shorten the life of the camera.

The purpose of the wireless flash trigger is to provide a wireless flash trigger that can overcome the above shortcomings, enable the flash to synchronize with the camera and easy to use, stable and reliable performance.

The purpose of the wireless flash trigger is to include the transmitter module, the receiving module and the trigger switch. The transmitter module is connected to the camera X sync flash interface. The output of the receiving module is connected to the flash by the trigger switch.

Wherein the camera X synchronous flash interface is connected between the encoder and the power source, and the output end of the encoder is connected with the transmitter. The transmitter and the transmitter are connected with the transmitter and the transmitter.

The receiving module comprises a receiver, a decoder and a power supply module, wherein the power supply module is connected with the receiver, the decoder and the trigger switch respectively, and the output end of the receiver is connected to the transmitter by the decoder The

The video module can be AC / DC circuit, the input end of the AC power supply, the output termination of the DC load, that is, then the receiver, decoder and trigger switch for its power supply.

Wireless flash trigger works for the use of wireless remote control mode, when shooting by the camera shutter on the X flash sync contact trigger encoder, issued by the transmitter signal, mounted on the studio flash receiver to receive the signal, the decoder Decode the output control signal to the trigger switch, control the trigger switch to close the flash circuit, the flash sync trigger to make it with the shooting flash, flash to achieve long-range control. Using the encoder, the purpose of the decoder is to prevent other signals on the flash interference, to avoid malfunction.

Wireless flash trigger compared with the existing technology, has the following advantages 1, the use of wireless remote control mode, flash to achieve long-distance control, easy to use; 2, the machine power consumption, especially the transmitter module only requires very low work Current, the camera's flash contact without any damage; 3, the receiving module using DC power supply, can also use AC power, especially the use of AC power, by the AC / DC circuit using the studio flash AC power supply directly, no longer need battery , Making the entire package of energy consumption is very low, energy saving, and stable performance, making shooting costs greatly reduced.

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