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NiceFoto Was Invited To The 21th Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macao Auto Show

From the time June 3 to 11, 2017, the 21th Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macao Auto Show was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. As a main auto sales city, Shenzhen has become a important city for various auto brand's working center. Taking advantage of economy and geography, the Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macao Auto Show has become an important Auto show of the South of China.

The most attractive latest auto, beautiful auto models attract hundreds of thousands visitors. As a main photography lighting manufacturer, NiceFoto was invited by some auto exhibitors to celebrate the show, and captured the wonderful moment.

After the opening ceremony, photographer Stone Fan and his term took the Wireless studio flash n6 appeared at the KIA booth firstly. Double n6 lighting, though the light in the scene is complicated, the ETTL still precise and fast to capture the good scence. Thanks to the wireless studio flash n6.

600Ws high output power, it is very suitable for photography of this big scence, and built-in Li-ion battery is very easy to carry. Though there are thousands of visitors in each booth, it is still very relaxed during the shooting.

The 2nd shooting point is the Citroen. The model, whose name is Monkey, is a good model. Thanks to her warm and wonderful performance.

During the whole shooting, there were about 500pcs good pictures. The NiceFoto Wireless studio flash n6 power is big enough, and no need to change battery. It is a good choice for big commercial photography.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Flash unit: Wireless studio flash n6 = 2pcs,
Light stand: LS-280B = 2pcs,
Photographer: Stone Fan.

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