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6 Applications Of Studio Flash In Daytime Outdoor Filming

The general public or just contact the Friends of photography, the Studio Flash lights of the wrong thinking apart from the "poor effect, will be a good shot outside the face", often think that only in the evening or some light in the environment when shooting, will need to use the Studio Flash. In fact, even in the daytime light sufficient environment, the Studio Flash also has its unique use effect! Let's get to know each other today!

When the contrast of the scene is high, the details of the dark part are reproduced.

When shooting outdoors, it is unavoidable to encounter some light uneven, so that the picture produces a high contrast, the most common situation there are two, one is in the backlight shooting, whether the character or scenery, will be in the background of the strong light is particularly dark, the second is at the scene at the same time there are shiny and not shiny objects, there may be a light ratio imbalance. In this case, if the light is the basis for exposure, it will appear dark, lost the part of the image details, if in the dark as the basis for exposure, it will brighten the light, the same as the loss of part of the image details. Therefore, the Studio Flash can be used to fill the dark part of the light, improve the scene light ratio, so that the dark part of the image can be presented, but also to create a more soft visual sense.

The midday Sun portrait shooting application to eliminate unnatural shadows

Usually in the outdoor shooting portrait, seniors will advise everyone to avoid the noon time is better, because on the one hand, the sun is too strong, the light is too hard and very hot, on the other hand, noon the sun is at the top of the head, sprinkle easily in the face of the photographer left like the shadow of the If you can match the use of Studio Flash, can reduce the top light in the face of the visible light and shadow, the use of Studio Flash lights, remember to do a good job light angle, pay attention to the Studio Flash lights not too big, do not get too close to the camera, to fill the softer light effect.

Increase the color saturation of the picture when shooting under Shadow

Outdoor filming, sometimes also choose to shoot in the shadow, but it is because in the shadow of the relationship, the subject will be overshadowed by the shadow of the body, the face of the color of a layer of "gray", become gloomy depression. If you use a Studio Flash to make up for the subject, it will look more radiant and the color of the screen will become more vivid.

Make special lighting effect

If the previous situation, the Studio Flash can be said to be used to "remedy" the part of the deduction, which is used to create special lighting, should be really added to the part of the division. Sometimes even in the light of the environment, although the scene and the exposure of the camera is average, it seems to be a bit dull, you can use an external Studio Flash to create a new light, create a specific lighting effect, so that the screen looks more three-dimensional.

Pat the light effect of the disposition

In the shooting of some fashion portrait photography, there are many photographers like to adopt a commonly known as "calendering" techniques, the background of the scene to the lack of exposure to shoot, only using Studio Flash for the photographer to fill the light, to ensure that the normal exposure, to create a different style of fashion styles.

Frozen High speed dynamic moment

In low-light environments, we use Studio Flash to ensure that the shutter speed of the camera is within the safe shutter and increases the success rate of handheld shooting. The same goes for the light in the environment, the application of the Studio Flash can be in exchange for a higher shutter speed, even let us clearly capture some of the dynamic moments, such as splashing water, flying puppies and so on.

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