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Teach You 5 Alternative Studio Flash Method Commonly Used

Studio flash as a good light of the "manufacturer", is a lot of photographers can not be separated from the important annex. But for beginners, generally do not consider buying to teach you 5 alternative flash commonly used method

Studio flash, and usually life and often encounter the need to fill light, light of the shooting scene, here to introduce five can replace you to teach you 5 alternative flash commonly used method

Studio flash method, I believe you can play a certain role in helping, while deepening the understanding of the use of light. Here to see it together

Natural light

Some photographers are quite respected using natural light to shoot, indeed in the natural light can show the most realistic side of the model, which is the best way to express emotions. Another natural light for some beginners is more difficult, unlike the flash as well control will be a picture completely destroyed.

One day in the light of the better time in the morning and evening, noon sunshine is relatively strong, not suitable for shooting portraits, but there are reflective panels can not have to worry too much, just find a light reflection line can be shot. In addition, the cloud when the light is also relatively soft, we can choose the flexibility to shoot time.

Home lighting

Professional lighting studio lighting equipment is generally very expensive, ordinary photographers certainly do not have to spend a lot of money to buy these equipment. In fact, our own home lighting is a good choice, when used in the best to find some foil or similar studio flash light mask items block the light, so that does not make the light looks very hard.

To the table lamp, for example, master the Lombon light method, the light illuminated the face of three quarters, even if only a lamp, can shoot a good portrait photos.

Here you need to remind everyone that similar to this kind of home lighting equipment, white balance is more difficult to control, so we better set their own color temperature, so you can get a more accurate white balance. In addition to introduce you to use a gray card to correct the white balance method. Shoot two pictures, one with a standard neutral gray card, and then put two photos into the latter part of the software for processing. Use the white balance selection function to click on the gray card and apply the resulting parameters to another normal photo, which completes the simple proof of the white balance.

3. flashlight

Flashlight and home lighting similar to the advantages of small size portable, can carry. In addition, the flashlight is another role in the dark environment can do temporary light source, but also can help photographers in low light environment auxiliary focus. For example, in the field shooting stars, you can first use the flashlight to find a good prospect, and then focus, set the parameters and other operations, so that the success rate of focusing will be relatively high.

In the field of creative photography, flashlight can also help photographers photographed light painting works. In the evening using the camera's long exposure, you can use the flashlight to draw any shape you want, after the completion of the exposure, a unique creative photographic works to complete the matter.

4. High sensitivity

We often see some just buy a SLR camera enthusiasts as long as one night will use the flash to take pictures, which is not understand the concept of flash and sensitivity. Studio flash is as an external force to illuminate the object after the camera for photometric shooting, and the sensitivity is to change the sensitivity of the sensor to the light, the two are essentially different, of course, the final effect is not the same.

When shooting night scenes, often rely on improving the sensitivity to get a high enough shutter speed (except for the slow door), but too high ISO value will lead to increased noise, thus affecting the quality. So we should be on the hands of the camera for a certain understanding of the use of high sensitivity as far as possible not to exceed the acceptable range, otherwise the picture quality is difficult to guarantee.

5. Mobile phone, computer screen

With the help of mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment, the screen brightness as a light source is also a choice, of course, this can only be regarded as an alternative. It is important to note that the screen can not be clearly off color, otherwise the light will be very complex, resulting in the subject surface is covered by a variety of different colors, very affect the beautiful.

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