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Video lights

Studio lights are on stage and in film, to lighting and to achieve some kind of lighting a lamp to be used. Actually composed of high power Flash with modeling light. Flash is generally circular, ring have modeling lights in the middle of the interface, modeling lights are generally quartz lamps, incandescent lamps, and so on.

It helps to show the content, reflecting the author's intention, bring out the artistic atmosphere, and the audience, photography (like) machines get the correct color and exposure. Is different from other lamps, the proliferation of such lamps most of the changing beam angles and light softness and color functions and equipped with focusing, diaphragm, filter and other special institutions.

Television lights according to the characteristics of the beam is divided into the spotlight, flood and effect lights 3. By type can be divided into: Tri-phosphor lamps, halogen lamp/quartz lamps, HMI,HQI,FRENSEL, LED video lights.

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