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The development trend of television lights

Future development trend of television lights must be to energy conservation, environmental protection, portable direction, subject to such conditions, when an LED video light, LED video light in China is still at a stage of development and expansion.

Currently there are few mature LED video light domestic enterprises, many traditional photographic lighting manufacturers are gradually across the field of LED video light, LED television by its own characteristics, favored by many local and foreign journalists and film and television workers chasing sticks.

Popular domestic brand of LED video lights Camlight television light already has many years of research and development and production experience, with professional technical guidance, Camlight TV energy-saving led lights use LED in the case does not affect the illumination of, on the one hand saves energy and improves the service life of photography lights. Camlight television lamps energy-saving than traditional photography lighting, lighting energy-saving effect of 85% or more, because Camlight TV lamp using a cold light source, light body heat less, greatly reducing the electrical power for the air-conditioning system.

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