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Studio Flash product classification

1, synchronize Flash Bulb (e-light). Lamps low prices, each 70~90, 220-volt AC power directly, no trigger socket can only be triggered in sync mode, generally use double or triple lamp used with a reflective umbrella. Investing early opening smaller operators can use this type of lamps, a unit ID photo can deal with. Operators in mind to make money immediately after replacing a higher set of Studio lights, otherwise the picture level it is difficult to improve. There are many operators found that the color of the Flash Bulb bright enough, clarity is not enough for camera, lens, film will not solve the problem, then, for light is the only way to improve the quality of photos.

2, Studio Flash. Lighting energy between 150~250 Watt seconds, appearance and method of use not much difference with the professional Flash, and quality varies widely. First of all, Flash-free voltage-stabilizing circuit and power supply when changing the Flash the Flash intensity of change will affect photo quality. Use this light best when adding an alternating voltage regulator. Second, Flash trigger circuit of high voltage trigger voltages up to 300 kV, careless use of electrical phenomena can occur. Third, Flash lamps, each lamp's color temperature and service life can vary greatly.

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