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Studio Flash

Studio Flash Strobe Flash, also known as flashing lights, Studio lights. Studio flash photography using artificial light. By Xenon lamp strobe is high voltage and large current moment (1/800 to 1/2000 seconds time) issued a strong Flash of discharge. Power consumption is very low and the light intensity is very high.

Capacitor is generally divided into two kinds, one is the step-up capacitor, also called negative capacitance, one is used for energy storage capacitor. Primary capacitor size determines the energy release of Flash. In General, a 400W/S light, which takes about 4 400UF above the main capacitor. Flashing lights to convert energy directly into light, lamp not only requires high times of Flash, Flash strength, and have very precise color temperature requirements, most of the flash tube is about 5600k. For color correction, many foreign brands will use your own customized Flash tubes, coated with different membranes to adjust color temperature, Flash Brown, for instance, looks a bit blue.

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