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Purchasing considerations for Studio Flash

1, lamp type and number

Choice of lamp type needs according to the Studio's size and the contents taken to decide. Lamps and accessories selection, too, soft box size, honeycombed enclosures, beam barrel choice also depends on shooting to decide.

2, output power

Professional Studio Flash common 600W 1200W power and lighting for commercial shooting has thousands of w output power, shooting big advertising photography lights you can reach tens of thousands of w. For Studio photographers and small size, needs and economic balance between the two. 150W to 250W of Flash is generally used to meet a simple portrait and landscape photography.

3, color temperature

Flash normal color temperature of around 5600k, but every manufacturer to produce the flashes of color temperature is not the same, even if there are individual differences in products of the same brand, use soft light equipment, use year extension will cause the Flash color temperature decreases. If it is a purchase of a lamp, there are conditions can measure their temperature is uniform.

4, recycle time

Continuity of the call-back time is related to the shooting. 1000W Flash recycle time is less than 1-5 seconds, higher output power Flash recycle time a little longer. As long as this range is normal, without demanding too much time spent on call, short back will bring large number of load capacitance, failure of which has increased. So even if your Flash has a very fast response speed, nor used in rapid succession, many Flash manual also referred to this point.

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