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Purchase to prevent misunderstandings in the Studio Flash

1, buy the cheapest: any shopping should take into account the price-performance ratio, for operators, light was the means of production, as is the cost of money and camera, lights for a day on the loss of a day's income, savvy consumers don't buy the cheapest means of production, unilateral propaganda should not rely on manufacturers, and to access the users who use this brand lamps.

2, importing lamps and domestic Taiwan light than normal domestic light: normal domestic light, there are two major types of Studio Flash on the market, namely lamps imported from Europe and China-made lamps in Taiwan. Lamps are world famous lamps imported from Europe, such as Brown, love exquisite, invincible fighter, Yasuyoshi. This type of lamps and advanced technology, stable quality, but expensive, more than twice times more expensive than domestic lamps of the same specifications. Now draw the user's attention is to import the light of service problems, lamp imported from Europe after two or three years of use, various fault occurs, many users have come across this kind of trouble. Lamp in the domestic market in Taiwan, which uses imported high quality lamps, Japanese primary capacitors, price around 1/3 more expensive than general domestic lighting, but Taiwan's measured indices and nominal indices are different, this and the quality of China-made Studio lights there is a big gap.

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