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Photography lighting technology

Many household consumer-grade digital cameras use small size 1/6 inches CCD, the direct consequence of reducing costs is the ability to shoot in low light environments is not strong, or very poor. In low light conditions for clear image if there is no auxiliary source is basically very difficult. Want to have a good picture, it is necessary for proper light, why some people in the room who took the pale, others took a healthy, natural, why is the human face indoor lights on dark, these are related to the light, the consequences of not using a good light makes a lot of friends do not know how to improve the quality of film. Photo lamp is a good solution to this problem, auxiliary light photography lights provide a digital video camera in low light environments to relatively clear shot, of course, the "relative" is to take into account the lamp power of photography, light and all the parameters of.

Photography lighting using LED as light source, battery, power-saving light, lamp light, long life, and can be connected directly to a digital video camera hot shoe on to overcome the shortcomings of traditional photographic light is not easy to carry, is the preferred photographer and news photography equipment.

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