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Main parameters of Studio Flash

There are two important parameters. Flash energy (WS) and index Flash (GN). Show Studio Flash Flash energy stored when fully charged power unit: Joules (J) or Watt seconds (WS). We can open any Flash shell, take a look at the main capacitors capacitance, measure the capacitor is fully charged when the voltage value to calculate the Flash energy: E=l/2CV2.

Flash index should be understood as the Flash reflection emit light when combined. Index of Flash (GN) and Flash (WS) is proportional to the flashing power light Flash index is high, but it is difficult to use a formula to convert between them. Because same Flash Flash of energy due to reflective materials, different reflector angle, lamp quality and the impact of such factors as location, reflecting the Flash index will have some differences.

To test Studio Flash index, the simplest way is to use a aomeisi type 3 Flash Meter, you can find out all kinds of Flash Flash index value of GN, test in the range of GN8-GN50 (Note: the Lampshade should use a standard shade, reflection angle of 55 ° ~65 °). If there are no aomeisi type 3 table, you can use a precision of 0.1 out of Aperture import Flash Meter, according to the national standard: test distance is 2 m, Studio lights uses standard reflectors direct meter, measure the aperture value.

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